Must-Haves In The Kitchen On Healthy Diet – My Healthy Keto Shopping List – Seafood And Meat

Must Have In My Kitchen On Healthy Diet - My Healthy Keto Shopping List - Seafood And Meat

Last time, we were talking about the dairy and coconut products that can usually be found in my kitchen. Today, let’s talk about seafood and meat. I will not describe the benefits of all of them as it can be found anywhere, however, I would like to show you how I use them. Just keep in mind that it is my standard shopping list, of course, sometimes I buy additional items as well, it just depends on my needs. I am curious if my shopping list is similar to yours. Leave your must-haves in the comments. Also check out my previous posts about Fruits & Vegetables and Dairy & Coconut Products.

What kind of seafood and meat are on my healthy keto shopping list?

In this blog post we will talk only about seafood and meat. In the previous and following posts you can learn more about the rest of my items. Each item on the list will include my own recipes with the selected item. I hope it will help you a lot!


I am big fan of seafood. I don’t eat beef nor pork. I don’t eat seafood too often either, however, I always have in my fridge some sort of seafood. Moreover, living in the Philippines gives me a great opportunity of having fresh fishes just from the local market.


I usually buy sardines in a can as it is quicker and easier. They are a good source of Omega-3 and vitamins.


How to eat sardines?

I eat them really often as a side dish to scrambled eggs.


Shrimps are my favourite, I love them so much. They are a good source of protein.


How to eat shrimps?

I usually make them with soup or vegetables, based on coconut milk.


I started eating mussels just in the Philippines. They are a good source of healthy fat and protein.


How to eat mussels?

My favourite version of mussels is Filipino mussels soup or mussels with cheese and garlic.

Pink Salmon

I usually buy salmon belly as it has the most healthy fat. It has minerals too.


How to eat pink salmon?

I eat it in a soup or as the main part of a meal. I often make salmon curry.


I got familiar with tilapia in the Philippines and it is one of my favourite fishes. Really cheap and easy to eat.


How to eat tilapia?

I make it as a main dish with vegetables.


You will not see so many points here. I am not vegetarian nor pescatarian, however I am trying to decrease the amount of meat which I consume. I just don’t like meat so much.


It is the only one type of meat which I eat from time to time. I don’t need to say that it is a great source of protein.


How to eat chicken?

I mostly make curried chicken or a homemade healthy KFC. You must try it!

What is on your healthy keto seafood and meat shopping list?

That’s pretty much my shopping list with seafood and meat and I can honestly say it is exactly what we buy every time we go to the store if we are talking about this food category. I have been asked so many times what I usually buy and I hope this list will help you with the introduction to a healthy keto diet. Share your list in the comment section! Check out my previous posts with Fruits & Vegetables and Dairy & Coconut Products. The next shopping list is about nuts and seeds, see you soon!

Do you have any questions?

Are you having issues with your diet and workout? Do you have any questions or doubts? Let’s meet up!

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