What You Should Know About Keto Diet Before Committing

What You Should Know About Keto Diet Before Committing

New year, new me. Probably many of you decided to start a diet with the new year. Some of you probably decided to give a try ketogenic (keto) diet which is becoming more popular in Poland and is already really popular in the Philippines. Let me give you a few introduction points into keto. 

What I need to know before starting a keto diet?

Although some doctors advise against keto diet especially among people with diabetes, it is increasingly becoming a popular weight-loss option. With a strict calorie distribution of 20% protein, 75% fat and 5% carbs per day, the keto diet is not for everyone. Did you know it was introduced in the 1920s as a treatment option for epilepsy? Even with this background, it’s well worth learning about keto diet before committing to it.

A little bit of the math

I hope you like the math and you are not scared of some calculations. You will need to continually calculate the percentages of calories contained in every keto meal you consume, at least at the beginning. Even though getting it right all the time is a sure way to lose weight, there are contributing factors to this weight loss. First of all, your starting weight, age, height and degree of activity will determine how quickly the numbers will drop on the scale.

Calculating your macronutrients also involves being able to identify fruits and vegetables with loaded carbs. Keep in mind that your daily carbs intake should not exceed 5%. If reading this is already tiring you out, how much more doing the actual math whenever you’re about to eat? To make it easier, you can access the internet for keto macro calculators. However, as a beginner, that will still involve tracking everything you eat the entire day for the next three months (12 weeks).

Keto Diet Macros


A keto diet is not recommended for everyone

Certain medical conditions are known to inhibit a person’s ability to adopt a keto diet. So, if you have liver failure, Porphyria, Pancreatitis, fat metabolism disorders, etc., adopting a keto diet could aggravate your condition or even become fatal. The logical thing to do is visit your physician to conduct a thorough medical check before committing to this lifestyle.

Besides health conditions, it is also not a choice for athletes or people who perform physically demanding jobs, i.e. construction workers. In essence, anybody who relies on carbs to obtain energy daily cannot be a candidate for these diets. With that said, you should also know that not every weight loss supplement can be combined with a keto diet. But there are a few such as the Steel products available at steelsupplements.com, which are safe and come highly recommended. Note, I haven’t been using Steel products personally but it is definitely worth to check. 



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The keto flu

What is the keto flu? Believe it or not, this is pretty common in starters or first timers. It is a condition that mimics the flu within a few days (to weeks) when you begin this particular diet. It involves nausea, vomiting, dizziness, insomnia, and headaches (or migraines). Other symptoms come in the form of fatigue and constipation. Keto experts recommend staying adequately hydrated and intake minerals to reduce a further complication of symptoms.

Indeed, you cannot start a ketogenic diet without assessing your health and other equally important factors. Without a doubt, it is a profound lifestyle change that helps you lose weight and achieve clear state of mind. However, as a rule of thumb, never follow through with it beyond twelve weeks at a stretch. Doctors usually advise returning to your regular healthy balanced meals for a while and then returning to keto for another three months (or less).

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