Dining Room Inspiration – Interior Design

Dining Room Inspiration - Interior Design
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Dining room is a really interesting place in our apartment. But before I will get into the story, let me invite you into our dining room inspiration post, we hope you will love it and would love you to leave some comments below! Anyway, let’s come back to the story. This space was never supposed to be there. At the beginning of our renovation, we planned to leave the old layout and have only a little bar for eating in the kitchen. After the fact that we needed to destroy the walls and put them again, we were lucky that our interior designer came up with a new layout and there was a place for a dining table… but it is not the end of surprises.

Dining space story…

Everything was great till we discovered that our interior design wrongly measured the size of the room and the wall from the office is in a totally wrong position than on the plans. We had a bit of a stressful situation since Mrs Ania was on vacation and she couldn’t really see it. We made a few adjustments via conversation online. Instead of a big 6 person size table, we will make a 3 person size table which can be extended into a big 6 people size table. That was the perfect solution for us! We usually keep tables small since it is only two of us eating here. But whenever we have a bigger party or event, we can always extend and 6 people will fit there.

Dining room – layout and dinning lamps inspiration

Our dining room is just open space in our living room. It is just next to the bar and the hallway. Part of the wall is actually our hallway wardrobe and another part is a chimney which we couldn’t move. In this case, we painted it in the colour of our furniture. We also have chosen vintage lamp with Edison bulbs.

Dining room decor inspiration

The location of the dinning space pretty much determines what is located over there. As I mentioned above, we have a 90cm x 90cm wooden table on black metal frame from Treeste. It can be extended into 90cm x 130cm. We have eco leather chairs which match our bar chairs styles. They are much more comfier than standard dining table chairs. On the table we have gold tray from IKEA which has  vase from JYSK with dried grass from @suchetrawy, candles which we use during events and chilling nights, glass jar with brown sugar for guests, ceramic blow with dried flowers for smelly effect, coasters for glasses from IKEA and another blow for keys and apple watches. Since the table is almost on the hallway, it is so convenient just put key in the blow and keep everything nice and clean.



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Before and after of our dinning room inspiration

Let’s go with before and after pictures of our dinning area. Not so many pictures of before because it is part of a few rooms actually.

How it was before…

How it was planned…

And how it is after…

I hope you enjoyed our dining room inspiration in our interior design series, please comment this post with your feedback and if you think someone else should read it, just share <3 For the next post I have prepared for you an article about our bedroom. And before I say you see you soon, I only wanted to remind you about my bathroom makeover from last time!


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