5 Healthiest Dipping Sauces For Burger Fish Chicken

5 Healthiest Dipping Sauces

Are you tired of dry food? Are you looking for some healthy sauce which you can use without guilt? This post is for you! The lis of 5 healthiest dipping sauces for chicken, beef or fish.

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There is not particular order here, I use these sauces pretty often in my kitchen. Feel free to comment or share if you enjoy the recipes. What is your favourite one from the recipes? 

1. Creamy Avocado Dip

Homemade creamy avocado dip. Healthy and keto friendly spread. Perfect for low carb snacks. Quick and easy recipe for Sunday dinner. Add it to the sandwich, meat or salad. Vegetarian snack with carrots.

2. Asian Peanut Sauce

Easy and quick famous asian peanut sauce but this time without sugar. Healthy and delicious recipe for keto and low carb diet. Perfect for party snacks and asian rolls. Trust me, it is delicious with these wraps!

3. Cream Cheese Dip

Homemade cream cheese dip perfect with vegetables. Healthy and keto spread for meat. Quick and easy recipe for side dish. Perfect as party snacks with veggies sticks. Made this sauce first and then transfer it into avocado spread if you want to add something new to your menu.

4. Keto Sauce Based On Coconut Milk

Keto dressing or sauce based on coconut milk. Healthy fat and low carb vegetarian recipe. Perfect dip for vegetables and fishes. I love it with boiled eggs and spread on my keto sandwiches.

5. Mustard Sauce

Looking for creamy mustard sauce, perfect for BBQ with friends? Delicious combination with fish, beef or chicken. Healthy, sugar free, low carb keto recipe.

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