Human Performance – How To Achieve The Highest Performance?

Human Performance - How To Achieve The Highest Performance
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Human performance is an extremely interesting topic. Imagine getting the maximum out of your body and mind every single day. Nowadays, society is struggling with a lack of motivation, energy, focus and concentration. People are busy, stressed, mad, sad and tired. I have been stuck in this kind of situation for years, working long hours, being constantly tired and anxious, pushing myself to the limits, not having enough sleep. Just lately, I understood that I can really simply change how I feel like every single day. I never thought it could be that easy.

Let me give you a little bit of background about our interest in human performance improvements…

Let me make it clear. I am not a doctor, but I love this topic, I do a lot of research and experiment on my own body and mind. I decided to share with you my own belifes and studies. However, I am not the one who started it. My boyfriend is a personal trainer and an extremely knowledgeable person. Both of us had a strong interest in the human performance, but we never really focused on it before meeting each other. However, after spending a lot of time together and having long conversations, we started exploring the topic more and more. I fully focused on books about self-development, business mindset and mental health. He, instead, fully focused on body development, science and advanced medical studies. I can honestly say, that most evenings we spend sharing and exchanging information, so each of us can implement new things into our life to test it and give each other feedback.

Human Performance Couple

Some time ago, I published a new blog post series, The Secret Of Life which is strongly connected to this blog post series. Getting the maximum out of human performance, can simply lead to a happy life. If you are interested, I would like to invite you to read about my perception of a happy life , which I have learnt from my boyfriend as a good introduction to the direction of this series and a better understanding of my current mindset.

How To Achieve The Highest Performance?

I don’t know the answer yet. I don’t know how to achieve the highest performance, but I know how to improve it. I was extremly surprised when I realised how such small changes can influence your daily life. In this blog post series I will go with you step by step through the journey that I went through. We will focus on diet, physical health, mental health, daily habits, perception on life and probably much more as I will learn myself. I will give you detailed instructions which you will be able to implement in your life straight away. Sounds interesting?

See you later alligator!

Sorry, I had to say it haha. For some time I have had this song in my mind, which of course, I don’t remember the title of. I keep saying it to my boyfriend every day when I leave for work – See you later alligator! Anyway, let’s focus on the topic. I hope it was a good introduction to our new blog post series, which is highly important to me. Just to let you know, I will use these posts to share my knowledge with my friends and family, so it is a kind of tool for me to help loved ones as well. I hope I make you at least a little bit interested in what I am planning to share with you so… See you later alligator!

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