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1 hour Earlier Morning Routine Human Performace
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I have published first blog post related to human performance awhile ago. Today I have decided to come back to my favourite topic – how to improve human performance? I was thinking for awhile where to start, there are so many things which had amazing positive impact on my daily life. After making a list of the items which I would like to talk about, I decided I will start with first thing which I do in the morning. Let me tell you why I wake up 1 hours earlier as part of my healthy morning routine.

Wake up 1 hour earlier every single day for healthy morning routine!

Yes, you read correctly, I am telling you to wake up even earlier than usual. My alarm is set up for 5:45 am every single day, yes, weekends as well. It wasn’t easy. I used to be night owl, I could work till 2 am, 3am, sometimes even 4 am. I definitely loved it. I used to hate waking up at 7am and I would never image that I can wake up earlier. Since last year I decided to try something new. One of my favourite books said it, wake up 1 hour earlier, so I tried. It wasn’t successful try at the beginning but I found my method, however about this a little bit later. Before I will go deeper into this topic, I would like to share with you a little bit information about Polish blogger who created #poranekuwaznosci or #cautionmorning in English. @mamagerka is amazing person who share many useful tips. She also convinces polish women to wake up 1 hour earlier and utilise this time for themselves. If you are Polish, feel free to check her IG profile or visit her blog post about mornings of caution.

Why to wake up earlier as part of our healthy morning routine?

First of all let’s answer the question why we actually should wake up 1 hour earlier and why every single day? The reasons are really simple:

  • 1 hour is enough time to give ourselves slow enter into the day
  • it reduces stress level
  • you don’t need to rush
  • it improves quality of your sleep
  • because you do it every day your body clocks works without any disturbances and you will start waking up without the alarm after awhile

It happens really often, at least to me, that I wake up being already anxious. I used to wake up, get ready in 15 min and leave the house. Now, I wake up and I have time for myself. I even make sure that my boyfriend is not going to be awake, so I can still have a full hour just for my own morning activities. This time makes me calm, gives me time box for things which I don’t have time for during the day. It is time for me and me. It is quite time, it is still dark outside, nobody is walking, nobody is talking, no phone calls, no TV, there are no problems, there are not other’s emotions. It is just me and time to listen to myself and learn about myself. Remember, it is time for your MIND, HEART and SPRIT.

  • it is one step to HAPPINESS in life
  • it is one step to taking care of your MIND, HEART AND SPRIT
  • it is one step to increasing your HUMAN PERFORMANCE

What to do during 1 hour after waking up earlier as part of your healthy morning routine?

Am I going to surprise you if I will tell you that I don’t work that time? No, no, no. It is not time for work. It is time for your SILENCE and QUITE activities. You don’t need to do the same but let me give you a few suggestions how you can utilise this time.


I will talk more about some of these points in the following posts. As I mentioned earlier, it is time for your mind, heart and spirit. Choose activities which help you relax, listen to yourself and your emotions, educate you.

What do I do during 1 hour when I wake up earlier as part of healthy morning routine?

I do two things. I do meditate 15 minutes and then read my Kindle for another 30-45 min. That’s pretty much it. But let me tell you something more important…

What to NOT DO during 1 hour when you wake up as part of your healthy morning routine?

Please, DO NOT OPEN YOUR PHONE OR LAPTOP. Please, don’t start your day by looking at the screen. Again, I will talk about it in one of the following posts but for now I want to tell you, before and during this 1 hour – DO NOT check your phone, leave it for later. In the moment when you open your phone, all your hard work with waking up earlier is lost.

How to wake up earlier? Simple method

Ok, everything is perfect but HOW THE HECK I CAN DO IT?! I managed to achieve it by really simple method. I started to set up alarm just 15 min earlier, then in a few days another 15 min earlier and so on, till I reached 1 hour. Done. Of course, you can find your own method, if you find it, share it in the comments, I want to learn from you.

1hour earlier morning routine

Give yourself a chance

Now it is your turn. Give yourself a chance and try it. I promise you, you will see changes in your life and during your day. This 1 hour in the morning can have incredible impact on your productivity, effectiveness, calmness, happiness. Just try. If you would like to join me during my morning routine, follow me on IG @zanetabarancom where every morning I share picture of the view through my window as a sign that I woke up and finished my 1 hour. Add hashtag #1HourAmEarlier to your stories or post so I can find you and we can try together.

This part is introduction to my morning routine. If you liked this post, please, share with friends and family.


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