Why Do “Fit Couples” Have Healthier Relationships?

Fit Couple

Some time ago, we were approached by a Filipino celebrity at the gym who asked us if we are a fit couple. We looked at each other and started smiling. I’m not sure if we are a fit couple, but for sure we are a couple who enjoys working out together and experimenting with a diet together.

I have been in the fitness industry for many years already. I have also been in a couple of relationships with partners from different parts of the world, and I just have to admit something based on my own experiences and life observations. I have my own theory. I believe that a couple who trains together, or is involved in any type of sport together, seem to have healthier and stronger relationships. They seem to survive much more in the relationship and seem to understand each other much better. They also seem to be much more supportive and open with each other. All of it really often means that they are much happier than a couple who doesn’t practice sport together. Of course, it’s only my theory but let me explain to you why I believe it is true.

How does sport influence life and relationship?

Sport, it is one of the most important parts of my life. I have been training in karate for years, then also kickboxing and self-defence. I have been going to the gym since I was 16 or 17 years old. I have a motorbike and a skydiving certification. Why I am telling you about it? I am trying to explain that sport and especially extreme sport have been in my life since I can remember. It has formed me into the person I am right now and during all these years, I have experienced how sport influences our life.

Sport helps to reduce stress levels

I will not discover anything new by saying that sport reduces stress levels. Thanks to sport, I have survived so many difficult situations in my life. The gym or kickboxing was my secure place, a place where I can release emotions and get motivation. Today the gym is my pressure and my passion and I am happy to share it with my partner. Reducing stress levels simply means less arguments and fights with your partner.

Sport creates mutual goals and mutual understanding

Sport creates situations when you and your partner look at the same direction. You both know where you are going and you understand each other’s movements. You know exactly what your partner means by running to the gym at 6pm instead of spending time on the sofa. You know exactly what your partner means by replacing pizza with salad and chicken. Mentioned points are just really small things, but it has a huge impact on more important and bigger topics in our life. While having mutual goals, you have a mutual topic to discuss and you celebrate your successes and achievements together. All of it makes you much more attached to each other.

Sport teaches what support means

Support, it is a big word in the sport industry. When you train with your partner, you know exactly what he/she needs at a certain time. You know exactly how important it is, right now, to give a supportive hand or deal with your partners mood before a competition. Support during the training, really often translates into support during real life issues. While building supportive skills at the gym, you learn how to support your partner in real life.

Sport improves you physically and mentally

Sport is not only about the physical stuff, it is about your mental health too. A healthy body means a healthy mind. The balance between physical and mental aspects that sport helps to improve, translates into a healthy lifestyle outside of the gym as well. You become less jealous, because you just feel much more confident and attractive to your partner.

Fit Couple Gym

Sport makes you stronger and builds character

Stronger in so many way. It makes you healthier, you can walk, run, dance and enjoy life. You know how to deal with life problems, your mental health improves a lot. You know exactly that if you could deal with challenges during your trainings, you feel much more confident to deal with life issues and you deal with them in a much more mature way. Sport teaches self-denial and perseverance. It shows us how to not give up easily. You know how to enjoy every single moment and appreciate life.

Sports gives quality time

Having a routine where you workout together, gives you time where you can both enjoy activities that you both love. It makes you much more attached to each other. Whilst working out increases the endorphins in your body, you simply feel happy during and after your session.

Fit Couple Picture

What does a “fit couple” look like in real life?

To write this blog post I was inspired by a fit couple who I follow on Instagram. I could see some pattern – all of them look really happy. I started thinking, is it Instagram perception? Maybe, but then I looked at my own life and I realised I experience it myself. My current relationship (on the date of writing this blog post) is the first relationship where I workout with my partner and we share gym passion together. Let me point out what I have observed. Both my current relationship and the fit couple I observed seem to:

  • be more open to each other
  • be much more supportive of each other
  • be more open with feelings and emotions
  • be more attached to each other
  • enjoy each others achievements and successes
  • know how to control moods
  • deal with life situations much more maturely
  • understand each other better

Fit Couple Workingout

And I can continue with more and more points. Maybe I still didn’t convince you, but that is not my goal. Based on my own experiences, it’s the first time I’ve been in a relationship with a person who loves the gym as much as me or maybe even more! It seems like this relationship is the most healthiest relationship I have ever had. I feel simply happy and strong when he is there. I strongly believe that having a mutual interest in sport makes your relationship the most strongest and healthiest ever. It also creates routines where you spend time together while doing activities which you both love. As you are both stronger mentally and physically you don’t feel jealous, it is the opposite, you both just feel much more confident as you are much more attractive to each other. You support each other in your own goals and having so much fun while doing it. Drama doesn’t exist anymore.

Fit Couple Beach

Are you a fit couple?

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