Things To Do in Coron, Philippines During Rainy Season – Photographic Account

Things To Do In Coron
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Coron and the rainy season. I can see millions of questions about how the weather is in the Philippines in June, July, August, September and so on. The truth is that it is unpredictable and sometimes during the rainy season we have so many sunny days and sometimes during the dry season we have rain. You will never know what kind of weather you will have during your holidays. In this way, I booked a flight and ferry to Coron for the beginning of June, which was kind of risky. We arrive to Palawan during the monsoon which usually takes 4 days. Our first two days were totally wet, but it didn’t destroy our vacation. Let me share with you our experiences and activities – things to do in Coron, Philippines during rainy season!

Things to do in Coron, Philippines during the rainy season

Let me take you for a trip around the Philippines! Today we will visit Coron. Sit down for a while, grab a cup of tea and come with me.

How to get to Coron?

There are a couple of options, however I will share with you our plan. I booked an overnight  ferry from Manila to Coron. We left Manila at 1:30pm and reached Coron at 11:30am the next day. However, based on a regular schedule, we should have been in Coron by 4:30am. The delay was caused by the monsoon 🙂 The ferry is amazing by the way – we went with Travel2Go company and the price for touristic class is as low as 1825PHP per person. Coming back from Coron we caught a  flight which took 1 hour, however the prices are much higher, but that time I found some cheaper tickets, around 5000 PHP.

Stay in Hop Hostel

Hop hostel has been opened recently by Filipinos with high European standards. Amazing staff, every day activities, delicious and not expensive restaurant, mini cinema and a great atmosphere. Read more about Hop Hostel and how to get there on one of my previous posts.

Take a hike to Mt Tapyas

When you arrive at Hop Hostel take a hike to Mt. Tapyas which is about a 5-10 minutes walk from the hostel. Be ready for so many steps, it will probably take you around 20 minutes and it is totally free. No worries if you get rain, look at our pictures, we were totally wet but we had so much fun!

Buy food at local market

Try local products at market which is like 15 minutes by walk from the hostel. There is huge section with vegetables and fruits, seafood, chicken and so on. Try fresh coconut! See how they get coconut milk and coconut meat. Come back to hostel and prepare food in their kitchen.

Relax at the hostel

Hop Hostel is great for a rainy day. Be impressed by the views from the rooftop, watch movies in the mini cinema, or play board games with other backpackers.

Take a hot bath at Mt. Maquinit Hot Spring

The rainy season is the perfect time for hot springs, even during the day. You are lucky! You can enjoy a hot bath the whole day. While staying in Hop Hostel, take a tour which costs PHP300, much cheaper than if you would go there by yourself. This price already includes the entrance fee PHP200 and transportation. In case you want to go there by yourself, you will need to pay around PHP400 for tricycle (both ways, they will wait for you) plus PHP200 for entrance fee. As it is raining, just go there much earlier and relax.

Coron Ultime Tour

Most of the time during the raining season, tours are cancelled for your own safety. We were lucky enough to be able get this tour as it was the only one that wasn’t cancelled. Book it at the hostel, they will pick you up at the hostel around 8am. The tour costs PHP1600 per person.

Explore Kayangan Lake

Your first destination will be Kayangan Lake where you can take a picture from the view deck which is the place where all Coron’s famous pictures are taken. The line can be huge so be patient. Then go down to the lake and enjoy the scenery and snorkeling. You will have only 1 hour as boats cannot stay over there more than that time.

Have lunch at Beach 91

You will be served with a buffet with all Filipino food. It was delicious to the point that I didn’t take any pictures. You will have around 1 hour for eating and taking beautiful photos.

Try to see the Japanese Ship Wreck

I said ‘try to see’ because in my own opinion it was really hard to see anything. Maybe it was just me as I am not a big fan of snorkelling but give it a try.

Chill at CYC Beach

Your other destination will be this small beach where you will have around 30 minutes. This beach is perfect for relaxing so take your beach towel.

Enjoy Garden Reef Coral

As I mentioned already above, I am not a big fan of snorkelling, however this spot is perfect for everybody. Do you like snorkelling? You will have so much fun. If you don’t like snorkelling, you will have so much fun just relaxing on the boat and enjoying view.