Robert C. Martin (Uncle Bob) – Demanding Professionalism in Software Development

Robert C. Martin (Uncle Bob) - Demanding Professionalism in Software Development

Today I watched Uncle Bob’s video, speech of new CTO to the programmers. It is not a new video but I found it really useful, up to date and easy to listen to. I highlighted some main points.

  1. Be professionals! Take your job seriously, it seems like most programmers don’t take themselves seriously. The IT industry looks like funny and easy environment. Are you professionals? You should be! Life of company depends on you, it is in your hands.
  2. Don’t ship shit! If it is carp and shit, we don’t ship it!
  3. Be always be ready! Deployment is always ready! Be ready for ship every day, every hour. Keep it stable all the time!
  4. Stable Productivity, don’t slow down at the end of the project. Don’t make a mess! Keep the code constantly clean.
  5. Inexpensive Adaptability, when customer change the mind, we are ready to change it. Identify these parts of the system which are stable and separate them from these which can change often.
  6. Continuous Improvements, learn every day about technical news, keep system up to date.
  7. Fearless Competence, don’t be afraid of changes! Clean the code every time you work with it. Don’t be afraid of change, touch the code and clean it up.
  8. Extreme Quality, it is my mistake, I will cover it! You cost your company money when you make a mistake, don’t make it again.
  9. QA will Find Nothing, the tasks shouldn’t come back with the list of bugs. QAs should wonder why they are in the team if there are no bugs. When QA find the bug, you should wonder why and how that happened!
  10. Team members cover for each other. You should know each other codes. Rest of the team can continue working without waiting for missing colleague.
  11. Honest Estimate, say “I don’t know” and figure it out. Say the range of estimation, don’t say average. Can you do it faster?! NO!! Never say you will try!
  12. Automation! Automation testing.
  13. Continuous Aggressive Learning.  Constantly reading, learning, being ahead. You should be aware of all news.
  14. Mentoring! Teach people and share knowledge.

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