Why You Should Road Trip Across The US?

Why You Should Road Trip Across The US?

The US is perhaps the world’s greatest transcontinental civilisation. It stretches all the way from the Atlantic in the east to the great Pacific in the west, the largest ocean on Earth.

The country also offers more variation than practically any other. You have the gleaming cities of the East Coast, the Appalachian mountains, the great prairies of the midwest, the deserts of the west, the Rockies, and then the shining west coast. To the north, you have frozen lakes and vast open expanses of land. And in the south, you have tropical beaches, especially around Florida. 

In this post, we take a look at some of the reasons why you should take road trip across the US at least once in your live. Moreover this trip is also ahead of me. In fact, I have been travelling around the US a little bit but not particularly by driving. I have visited New York City, Chicago, and Miami by bus. But I have also visited Los Angeles, Las Vegas and San Diego by car indeed. Also San Francisco but I flew over there by plane. However, I still want to do proper road trip around the US, that’s why I have decided to share with you reasons why you should do it 🙂

The Stunning Scenery

As noted, the US is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. You can travel for hours and hours in any direction and discover hidden gems all over the place. What’s more, the country is home to dozens of national parks and nature reserves – great for having a picnic and just relaxing in nature. 

You Can Take Your Regular Car

If you’re not comfortable driving a hire car, don’t worry. You can just bring your own on your US road trip. Especially if you would like to take over your Instagramable van for example.

Doing this seems to be easy. First, you check a car haul load board – a digital platform that connects transporters with customers. Then you ask for quotes and get somebody to collect and deliver your car by a specific date. And, finally, you collect it when you arrive and drive it away. I did some research about this platform and it seems to be legit. I have seen many positive reviews and the platform itself has a 4.9 score. I have never tried it before but if you did, please share with me your opinion! 

You Can Learn New Ways Of Life

The US is one of the most varied countries in the world. While the international focus is on coastal cities, the culture changes dramatically once you head inland. You get a real sense of the early pioneer spirit that characterised the country, and the local people’s love of freedom. I love to meet new cultures, new people, listen to their stories, feel their energy, this variety is such an amazing thing to experience.   

You Can See Natural Wonders

Few cities around the world are situated close to, or on top of, natural wonders. In order to see the full glory of what nature has to offer, you have to leave the urban world behind and go travelling. 

The US is home to some of the most fantastic natural wonders anywhere. If you head to the southwest of the country, be sure to pop in and visit the Colorado River and the Grand Canyon. In the north, check out Mount St. Helens. And if you’re in Florida, be sure to pay the Keys a visit. They’re beautiful. 

You Have Time To Reflect

The US is a vast country. So when you drive from one side of it to the other, you get a sense of just how large our planet is. Having this perspective provides an opportunity for you to reflect. At last, you have a chance to leave your regular thought process behind and think carefully about what really matters in your life. Do you need to spend all your time pursuing various goals? Or would you be better off getting to know the rest of the world better?

I hope this article was useful for you, please comment this post with your feedback and if you think someone else should read it, just share <3 

Disclosure: Just to let you know, this blog post is sponsored and includes link of the sponsor. 


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