Why I didn’t migrate to Dubai?

Why I didnt move to Dubai

I am sitting in the train, coming back from Lodz to Cracow. I just though I will finally share with you why I wasn’t impressed by Dubai and why we have chosen Poland above United Arab Emirates . Let’s start from the beginning…

Dubai or Poland?

After living 2 years in the Philippines I had to change location, mainly because my contract in Manila came to the end. I got offer to move to Dubai, place where I really wanted to move a few years ago while living in London. However we, me and my partner, also started considered Poland. Why? Because it felt right to let my Filipino to experience my home country this time. I have learnt enough about the Philippines, now it was his turn to learn about Poland.

When I have asked Zyd where he wants to move, without minute of thinking, he said – Poland. He believed that we should choose country close to the family. I wasn’t convinced, I didn’t like Poland in my early 20s, I was scared I will not be happy in the place where I run away from a few years earlier.

The deal was simple. Let’s visit Poland and Dubai. Based on our experiences we will decide. In July we went to visit Poland and Dubai then.

What has happened that we have not chosen United Arab Emirates ?

There are a few things…

The richest Dubai

My first impression about Dubai wasn’t great. It is probably because I came there after living in the Philippines, place where people doesn’t have jobs, lives on the streets, suffers from hunger. Then Dubai, place of the richness, the biggest, the highest, the most… Everything is the most. Huge amount of money is going into buildings which are just for tourists, just to show off. It just felt not right.

Dubai disrespects people

I had this strong feeling of people being disrespected in Dubai. I will give you example. Filipinos are working in service for shitty money, pretty often are disrespected and humiliated. I have seen many videos where Filipino helper got tied outside in the garden, on 50°C as punishment. I also saw a lot of old buses full of Indians workers without windows nor air-conditioner on 50°C, fully packed! The salary is offered based on the nationality and passports. You probably already know my mindset about this kind of actions – I really don’t like it!

Dubai full of limitations

Don’t make me even start. Imagine I couldn’t call my family via Facebook nor Skype. I only could use VPN via certain companies (of course you need to pay for it), free VPN is illegal. When I arrive with my partner to the hotel, they upgraded our studio apartment to 3 bedrooms apartment so we don’t sleep together. And of course, I couldn’t use sauna, because I am woman.

Place perfect for shopping and nightlife

Dubai, perfect place for shopping and nightlife. Shopping malls everyone. I had enough shopping malls in the Philippines and moving to the place where most of the time you spend in the shopping malls wasn’t for me. Additionally, I am minimalist and reducing my shopping to the minimum. I am into healthy lifestyle and I don’t spend my evenings going out. I don’t see this point as advantage.

Dubai gets boring

Yes, you read it right. I got super bored in Dubai after a week. All activities involved money which I don’t like it. I felt like there is not nature and I am closed in the buildings or fake places.

Dubai only for work

We were thinking about going to Dubai and just earn money. Maybe you know that you cannot just stay in Dubai, you cannot buy apartment, you cannot buy land, you are in Dubai only when you have a job. If your company fires you, you can have 30 days to find something else or you need to leave. I don’t like this set up, at least, not at this time of my life.

There are two things which I like about Dubai

Checking a lot of places, activities, lifestyle I liked only two things. One of them was @GRAVITYDXB, the best place in Dubai with amazing community and Filipino manager who became my good friend. Highly recommended, it was basically highlight of my trip. And another thing is desert activities, I loved driving car on the desert, spike up of adrenaline made me feel happy for a moment. But it is enough to choose Dubai? Not in my case.

Why Poland then?

Thinking about Poland used to make me stressed. I run away from this place. However I changed my view after visiting Poland this year. Beautiful place which has 4 seasons (I cannot wait for white Christmas!), amazing job opportunities, family, parks, flights to different countries in Europe within an hour, mountains, beaches and huge progress. I am extremely impressed how Poland has developed during these years!

The choice was simple. Poland, for some time, to create our base and help Zyd to understand my culture and my country. Of course, there are a few another reasons behind our decision, but these mentioned here are main reasons and they are these which I can share with you 🙂

And you? Have you ever considered moving to United Arab Emirates? What was your decision? While preparing this article, I ended up on this blog, check it out, it gives many more arguments why to not move to Dubai. And at the end, I would like to invite you to the place which I love – Philippines!


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