5 Lessons Which I Have Learnt From My Mum

Mothers Day

Mother’s Day is a perfect day to look back and appreciate what life gave us. I decided to sit down and think about the relationship between me and my mum. When we used to live together, we were fighting a lot. Since I moved country around 6 years ago, our relationship became really strong. Today, when I look back I can see how much I owe my mum. A couple of weeks ago I remember when I said to my boyfriend – OMG, you cannot imagine how much I appreciate what my mum taught me, thanks to her I am simply a good person.

So what I have learnt from my mum?

Before I start, I would like to encourage you to sit down for 10 minutes and think about what you owe your mum? Remember that your mum had a huge impact on your life, whether you grew up with or without her. The lack of her presence will have an impact. After this, check out my points and share yours in the comments if you feel like.

Always do what is optional

I remember school time and days where we didn’t need to join classes as they were optional. We could go to school these days or not. My mum used to say:

“Go to school, you will look better in the teacher’s eyes, that means that you want to learn and do things that you don’t need to”

At that time I didn’t like it. But this habit helped me a lot in life. Not always, sometimes it was unnecessary 🙂 But most of the time it works pretty well. Thanks to following this rule, I have been experiencing more in my life, I have been learning much more and finally have been achieving much more. Thanks Mum! 

Choose a more difficult task over an easy task

My mum always used to tell me to choose whatever is more difficult. She never pushed me into anything but always asked proper questions that helped me to choose. Making decisions was always a difficult task. This way of thinking helped me grow so much. It helped me to be brave enough to cross my limits. I developed a lot emotionally and mentally thanks to this skill. Thanks Mum! 

Be good, have rules and choose right

Choose good and right options. Be simply a good person. Do not choose the easier way. Have your own rules and follow them. This point is strongly related to the previous one. That’s the lesson which I appreciate the most. This way of thinking helped me to be a strong woman who makes the right choices. You cannot imagine how happy I am for this point and how much I appreciate how my mum raised me. Thanks Mum! 

Allow your kids choice and always support them

My mum is simply amazing. She always gave me the possibility to choose, she was always there for me, she ALWAYS supported me in any decision, she never tried to convince me to do anything, she always believes in me and you cannot imagine how much it means to a kid. Giving the possibility to choose helps kids to think on their own, grow and learn. I am extremely thankful to my mum for the all the support that she gave me, even when I chose wrongly, she was there. Thanks Mum! 

Mother's Day Mum and Daughter

Save money

My mum is an expert in this topic. Sometimes she is crazy in her methods of saving but thanks to her I know how to manage my money. I really appreciate this skill. I do enjoy my life, I do travel, I do live good life and I have savings. Having some money in my bank account saved my life so many times already. It is a great skill and I am really happy my mum showed me how to do it. Thanks Mum! 

Happy Mother’s Day

Since I have lived abroad for years already, I usually cannot see my mum for Mother’s Day but I always try to make her something nice for this day. This time I want to say:

English version

Happy Mother’s Day to the best mum in the whole world. To the woman who survived a lot and never gave up, who raised us as good people with strong core values, who is the most supportive person with a big heart for others. You showed me how to work so hard in life and you always listen to me whilst I am crying or have crazy ideas. You are always there when I need you, even when we fight with each other and cannot live together more than one month  You always keep our family together and you made me and my brothers the strongest siblings on the entire world. Remember that you deserve much more than you think, remember that it is your time in life right now, remember that we owe you so much and we are and we will always be there for you. Thank you for raising me as a strong, independent, brave woman. You cannot imagine how much I appreciate it. To the strongest, the most supportive, family-oriented and hardworking woman I have ever known –  We love you!!

Polish Version

Wszystkie najlepszego z okazji Dnia Mamy dla najlepszej mamy na swiecie. Dla kobiety, ktora przezyla sporo i nigdy sie nie poddala, dla kobiety, ktora wychowala nas na dobrych ludzi z zasadami, dla najbardziej wpierajacej osoby z wielkim sercem dla innych. Mamus, nauczylas nas jak ciezko pracowac w zyciu. Zawsze mnie wysluchasz, kiedy placze ale mam szalone pomysly. Zawsze jestes dla mnie kiedy Cie potrzebuje, pomimo ze klocimy sie i nie mozemy wytrzymac ze soba pod jednym dachem wiecej niz miesiac  Nieprzerwanie trzymasz nasza rodzine w kupie, sprawilas, ze ja i chlopaki, jestemy silnym rodzenstwem zawsze sie wspierajacym. Pamietaj, ze zaslugujesz na wiecej niz Ci sie wydaje, pamietaj, ze to jest wlasnie Twoj czas, wlasnie teraz, pamietaj, ze zawdzieczamy Ci bardzo duzo i jestesmy i bedziemy zawsze kiedy nas potrzebujesz. Dziekuje Ci za wychowanie mnie na silna, niezalezna, odwazna kobieta. Nie wyobrazasz sobie jak bardzo jestem Ci za to wdzieczna. Dla najsilniejszej, wspierajacej, skupionej na rodzine i ciezko pracujacej kobiety jaka kiedykolwiek poznalam – Kochamy Cie bardzo!!!

 Mothers Day

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