Dan North – Microservices : Software that fits in your head


I would like to share the talk which I have been watching lately http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/86179657 and some points which seems to be interesting to me.

Software development

The purpose of the software development is to create positive business impact. None of the tasks are really done, even it meets Definition of Done, unless it creates positive business impact.

The goal of software development is to minimise lead time between request and saying “thank you” by the client.

We need to remember that the code is the cost. Productive doesn’t mean effective.

Developers shouldn’t have any emotions to their code, they shouldn’t take care of just code, they should take care about business impact of this code.

I believe it is really important point. I can see really often, when developers just care about piece of their code, not thinking about the task as a business issue. The companies should definitely increase mature of the teams and improve developers’ business awareness. Developers should look at the task as at business issue.

Components approach

Lately we have been talking about component a lot. It is worth to mention that component should represent entity, thing. We should think about component responsibility and purpose. Also about the documentation. None of Agile manifesto doesn’t say that documentation is not important. It is! It just says that working software is more important. The companies should think about how and who should decide about creating the component, when extend it and when create a new one. That will be the biggest challenge to improve component awareness. We should teach the teams how to look at the components and how decided about them.


Stable doesn’t mean static!

I think it is really important to create stable teams. Stable team knows how to share knowledge, has strong opinion who should join and leave the team, who should lead. In stable team everything is clear and documented. I strongly believe that the team members should have impact on their allocation. Moreover all teams should have principles and guide. From my experiences it looks like one of the biggest issues in most of the teams.

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