Coronavirus – Mental Health and Coping During COVID-19 – 8 Methods

Coronavirus - Mental Health and Coping During COVID-19 - 8 Methods

Some time ago I was asked to write something more about my spiritual, mindset, energy learnings. That time I didn’t expect that this topic will be that needed as it is now, during coronavirus outbreak. We are in the emergency stage almost everywhere on the world. I never expected to live in this kind of times.

Even my brother and his girlfriend are in India right now and it is not fully safe for them over there, I am pretty calm. People are panicking buying tons of toilet paper (yeah I still don’t know why they are doing it), I am pretty calm. All schools, universities, pub, institution are closed, I am pretty calm. Don’t get me wrong, I am not ignorant, I take the situation seriously, I am just calm and in present moment. I just accepted the situation and deal with it. Thanks to all learning which I have done during past last years.

Methods for dealing with your emotions and mental heath during coronavirus outbreaks

Since staying at home is not a big deal for me, I have been on my own “quarantine” since a few weeks already, I know that it is not easy for everyone. The news, TV, social media are full of informations about coronavirus (COVID-19) and I can imagine it can be difficult time for a lot of people. I decided to share a few methods with you about dealing with your emotions and head full of thoughts.

  • Be in present! Start with noticing elements around you, what is in the room (don’t focus too long on one thing), is it cold, is it hot, how it is smell like, what you can hear? Just look around without thoughts but be aware – see, it feels good in here. Just be present in the moment.
  • Meditate! It really helps, trust me. The storm in your head will come down, you will not feel this pain in your chest anymore. During meditation the actual physical changes are happening in your brain, it is not just spiritual bullshit. There are the few apps which I would like to recommend you:
    • Insight Timer – full of free guided meditations
    • Calm – I used to use it before but for better parts you need to pay
    • 1 Giant Mind – has nice challenges to get you into meditation processes
    • Headspace – also good start, but again, most of the better parts are paid
  • Practice yoga or workout in the house. I will skip more details about working out at the home but I would like to recommend you my favourite channel on YouTube for yoga. I am beginners in yoga so if you know another amazing channels, let me know. For now I would like to let you know about YogaWithAdrienne, I love her approach and sessions. Highly recommend session for anxiety which includes part with breathing exercises and meditation.
  • Home SPA. Since we have started living in more eco / natural way I would like to recommend you a few methods of making your own home spa.
    • Coffee face mask – I mix coffee grounds, coconut oil, a little bit of orange skin and honey in the jar and that’s it. You can use it as peeling or simple as face mask and leave it for awhile on your face.
    • Oil face mask – just take some of the oils at your home such as coconut oil or nigella oil and put on your hair, leave it for awhile and clean with shampoo.
    • Salt bath – I use Himalayan pink salt or any other salt for my bath to recover my body. Just a few pinches will do a job.

Relax SPA

  • Relaxing environment. It is great time to take care of our environment, meaning house. Let’s make it cosy and nice. Let’s play relaxing music (tons of them on YouTube), let’s light up candles, set up some incense sticks and let’s just enjoy it. It is great occasion to just take care of our home and feel better in it.
  • Reading certain books. I used word certain since I would like to recommend you a few books perfect for this situation. When I was in abusive relationship I noticed that reading about abusive behaviours, educating myself about this topic really helped me to get back on the track. I simply understood why I am feeling in certain ways and based on this I learn how to deal with it. I love facts and reading scientific description of my situation really helped me to get over it. In this situation I also would like to propose you a few books which can help you to deal with the current situation on the world.
    • Peak Performance – it is great time to learn more about your own body and how to improve it. I love this book, it is simple, give straight forward methods, it is written in simple language. Perfect book for self improvements during this challenging time.
    • Why We Sleep – it is definitely my favourite book talking about sleep. Guys, sleep is the most important thing ever and in 2020 we still didn’t discover all things related to sleep processes. This book describes in easy way the sleep process, it shows effects on our brain and body of deficits of sleep. It is perfect book to understand how to improve our immune system by sleep.
    • A Brief History of Humankind Sapiens – let me tell you at the beginning, I hate history (sorry, no sorry) but I love this book. It is eye opening position about human evolution, highly important topic while we are facing emergency stage.
    • The Power Of Now – it was not easy book to read for me but really important guide. I wouldn’t recommend it as first book to read ever since it is written in difficult language in my personal opinion but it leads you through the process of being in present moment which is extremely important right now.
  • Puzzles and games. They are form of meditation and additionally adds up to the fun aspect. Just take whatever you have at home and play it!


  • Improve your relationships…with yourself and others. It is great time to focus on relationships within your small circle. It is a good time to give away a little bit of positive energy. Don’t talk about news all the time, don’t focus on your stress and anxiety. Spread happiness and joy around. Trust me, you will feel better, much better. Talk with your partner or kids about your last vacation or your adventures. Smile, it is proven that smile reactive process in our body which produce happy hormones.
  • Stay healthy! Stay fucking healthy. Not only now but always. Can you guys see that most death of coronavirus have happened because the people had another conditions, another illnesses. Staying healthy as human spices is extremely important, we can see it without any doubts now. Let’s become fitter and stronger as humans. Just start preparing healthy and balances food, start moving, get into good habits, it is not that difficult.

That’s just a few methods of mine for enjoying time on quarantine. Remember, there is nothing wrong with staying at home. Just #stayhome and explore this new opportunity to appreciate live. 

What are your methods for coping with coronavirus?

What are your methods to cope with the current situation? I would love to learn more about your time and ideas. Let think how we can use this time to the maximum and become even stronger as society.


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