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Healthy Low Carbs Protein Pancake With Four Ingredients Only
Prep Time
5 mins
Cook Time
10 mins
Total Time
15 mins
Being on a keto diet forces you to be more and more creative with your food. I was looking for pancakes that I can make really quickly, but most importantly – with the lowest amount of carbs. I have been researching Google for a while and finally made something which can fit my needs. As usual, this recipe can be modified in so many ways, so be creative!
Course: Dessert, Snack
Keyword: Healthly, Pancake
Servings: 2 people
  • 1 serving of whey in my case BPI Sports chocolate brownie flavour
  • 2 eggs
  • 1/2 cup of coconut milk or water use 1/3 or 1/4 cup of coconut milk or water if you make this recipe without coconut flour mentioned below
  • 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda
Additional Ingredients
  • 2 teaspoons of coconut oil for frying
  • 1/2 cup of coconut flour optional, you can easily make this recipe without flour for less carbs and more keto oriented pancake
  • 2 tablespoons of coco syrup or stevia optionally coconut sugar if you don’t care about carbs so much, however you can easily skip this point if you do not like so much sweeteness
  • 2 pieces of unsweetened cacao bars optional, I use them because they are full of healthy fat but they are a bit bitter if you are used to eating a lot of sugar
  • 2 tablespoons of peanut butter optional
  • coconut flakes optional
  • cinnamon optional
  1. Preheat pan with coconut oil.
  2. Mix eggs, whey, coconut flour, coconut milk or water, coco syrup, coconut flakes and cinnamon in the bowl until they will combine together.
  3. Transfer and spread mixture into the preheated pan.
  4. Fry for 5 minutes each side on middle heat.
  5. Transfer onto plate, add peanut butter and unsweetened cacao bar on the top.
  6. Enjoy!
Recipe Notes

Do not add coconut flour nor coconut sugar if you want to decrease the amount of carbs.


I do not eat so much fruits because of the sugar, however feel free to add any fruits that you like.