Workout Program Consultations 1 Hour


Let’s meet for 1 hour and talk about your workout program. You will meet female and male bodybuilder to share experiences and knowledge from both perspective.


What is included?

Workout Program Consultations take one hour and they are online via Skype. During this one hour, you will talk with and @the.zyd. We will discuss your current lifestyle, eating and resting habits and stress management. We will also discuss how to improve it, not change it. Zyd will help you to resolve your current issues at the gym and provide deep knowledge about a high intensity workout to reshape and activate the inner to outer potentials of your body. Ze will share with you her own experiences at the gym and keep you motivated to be on top. She will help you to understand your body and know when to listen to it. This 1 hour can be a great start to our potential future cooperation, but it doesn’t need to be. Let’s meet and get to know each other during our first hour!

For whom?

For males and females who train at the gym in any way, from professional to amateur, or if you just want to get into shape for the summer. During this one hour, we will share our own experiences and discuss how we can help you grow. This service is for you if you are having some specific questions about your program at the gym and need some advice.

Not sure if this service is for you?

Drop me a message with your doubts and questions. I will help you to choose the right product for you. Go to the form.

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