Scrum Agile Project Management Course Online


12 hours of intense Agile project management with Scrum course which is an overview on all aspects of Scrum methodology.

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What is included?

  • Introduction
    • Agile VS Another Philosophies
    • Agile Values And Principles
    • Scrum Definition and Values
    • Scrum VS Another Methodologies
  • Scrum Team
    • Product Owner
    • Development Team
    • Scrum Master
  • Scrum Artifacts
    • Product Backlog
      • User Stories
    • Sprint Backlog
    • Product Increment
  • Scrum Events
    • Sprint
    • Sprint Grooming
      • Story Points and Estimation
    • Sprint Planning
    • Sprint Daily
    • Sprint Review
    • Sprint Retrospective
  • Scrum VS Distributed Teams
  • Wrap Up
This program covers aspects of Scrum methodology – it is basic training. The course mainly focuses on giving real examples and exercises.

How long does it take?

The course takes around 10-12 hrs with exercises that can be divided into 2 days.

For whom?

The training is for anyone who is interested in Scrum methodology. The course will fit developers, project managers, product owners and scrum masters.


Not sure this service is for you?

Drop me a message with your doubts and questions. I will help you to choose the right product for you. Go to the form.

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