Magento 2 Frontend Course Online


9 hours of intense Magento 2 Frontend course which is an overview on all frontend areas.

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What is included?

The course covers all points from Core Principles For Theming in Magento 2.

  • Introduction
  • Theme overview
    • Theme file structure
    • Fallback and theme inheritance
    • Blank and Luma
  • Custom theme
    • Workflow
      • Grunt vs. Gulp
      • Magento 2 Modes
      • Commands in workflow
    • Styles
      • UI library
      • Icons
    • Templates
    • Layout
    • jQuery widgets and require.js
    • Knockout basics
    • Translations
    •  Theme images, view.xml
  • Widgets and Modules
    • How to create a widget?
  •  Thoughts and recommendations
    • Flexbox
    • BEM
  • Exercises
This program covers all Magento 2 areas from a frontend point of view – it is an overview of the areas, we don’t go into too much detail on this course. The course mainly focuses on giving real examples and exercises.

How long does it take?

The course takes around 8-9 hrs with exercises that can be divided into 2 days.

For whom?

The training is for developers with Magento 1 experience who want to start working with Magento 2. Developers should have the following skills: CSS & CSS 3, HTML & HTML 5, XML, basics of PHP and knowledge of using the command line.

Not sure this service is for you?

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