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    1. You need to copy this file into following path app/design/frontend/CompanyName/themeName/Magento_Customer/templates/account/link/authorization.phtml

  1. It’s so strange to hear you say that re: vegetarian because a Frenchman I know says that he finds there are more vegetarian/vegan options in Manila than in his native home. Probably because he already has a list or is involved with the local vegan community. That said, maybe if you actually checked the list of vegetarian/vegan places or gotten to know the local vegan community, you’d find that there are a lot of options. Lots of vegan/vegetarian restaurants have opened in the past year, and small businesses have started plant-based Filipino meals. Of course, if you go looking for purely vegetarian food in local food courts catering to local people, you’d be sorely disappointed because the local cuisine incorporates meat in our dishes. But in Asia there’s usually a bit of meat or seafood in the food. In my travels in Southeast asia, like Thailand, there is vegetarian food but purely vegan food is harder to come by because you would still be consuming animal-based products like fish sauce or shrimp paste. Even in Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand what expats and tourists are eating are vastly different from what locals eat. There will always be food for the foreigner and local food.

    1. Thank you for sharing your experiences! Yes, you are right, I am talking more about local food. When I travel, I am trying to not eat food for foreigner. And in my experiences, in Bali it was super easy to find cheap local food markets with so many vegetarian options, however in the Philippines, it is hard to find vegetarian options in cheap places. Also depends on life standards, there are so many foreigners here living amazing life, and there are also people like me, living average life and trying to find cheap and local options.

  2. All the information about Filipinos are so interesting.But true, for the most part. Most of my Filipino friends think the same about money, malls and sun

    Enjoyed reading your post

  3. Great list! Be careful about the boiled eggs sold in the streets though, it’s more often Balut than regular eggs, you might be in for a surprise πŸ™‚

  4. What an amazing article, thank you for sharing your feelings so clearly and honestly. I feel like your presence was important on the island and it is so good to remind travelers that we need to visit and support the gilis as they rebuild xx

    1. Thank you! Well, the jump took couple of seconds or even less haha. But the whole event couple of hours as we went for lunch later on πŸ™‚

  5. Wow! It’s incredible. I think I’m adventurous and brace but I don’t think I could do bungee jumping.
    I’ve loved abseiling and zip lining, even that got me nervous if the beginning.
    Looks like fun.

  6. Happy Birthday and happy traveling to you girl πŸ™‚ This was such a lovely post- I am glad you left an abusive relationship – more power to you and to all of us to stand up against any such abuses.

    PS. your Adrenaline & Sports pics are totally Kickass πŸ˜‰ Loved them.

    1. OMG, I have no idea why I didn’t see this comment earlier. I think it happens because I was enjoying my birthday weekend and didn’t realised that I have this comment haha. Anyway, abusive relationships are pretty difficult experience but I am happy I get over it and now I can help people around me.

      Thank you for comment about pictures, they are pretty old but I love them πŸ˜€ Thanks one more time for your time ! πŸ™‚

  7. Hi. This cake looks fantastic! πŸ™‚ I have a question – can I leave out the coco syrup in crust because I don’t have it on hand? What else should I add instead of it or maybe there is no need to add anything instead of syrup? πŸ™‚


  8. Hi,
    thanks for sharing a feedback about the exam, and for these test sample. I have doubts about one question here.

    “The project you are working on has an image in the footer added via template with special text. The text on the image should be different for different languages (en_US, sv_SE). Keeping in mind that the project has only one theme, how can you achieve this?”

    You’ve provided a correct answer: It is not possible with only one theme.

    I would say, that it can be achieved by adding translated images to i18n/en_US/images and i18n/sv_SE/images folders according to magento’s static assets overriding approach. Are you sure that your answer is the right one?

    Thanks in advance,
    best regards,

    1. Hi Ksenia!

      Thank you for taking your time and for this comment. To be honest, I am not sure if solution provided by you is correct, I have never seen it in Magento documentation and never used it. It is actually really interesting, I will check it out. However I am still not sure if that would be the best practice based on Magento if ever.

      Thank you so much for starting this discussion, it would be interesting to find a proper answer.

      Have an awesome day,

        1. Hi Ksenia,

          Thank you! I checked link which you provided and it is about theme inheritance. It shows how to overwrite images in different theme. The question which we are talking about is about case where you don’t have two themes, only one. I am still not sure if that would be best practice based on Magento, even if the solution works. It is super interesting topic, I hope others will add their opinions as well πŸ™‚

          Thank you,

  9. Hi Zaneta,

    Thanks for sharing your exam experience here.

    As per Ksenia, I have also experience practically about translated image using single theme. it works when you add images to folders:


    I have added image in template file:
    <img src="getViewFileUrl(‘images/image.png’); ?>”/>

    I also tried all the options, But no one worked for me. still confused which option should be correct.

    May be below option should be correct:
    Add images to i18n/images folder under the theme directory

    Thanks for your effort and I impressed with you blog.

    1. Hi Chandra,

      Thank you for your feedback! I really appreciate that you took time to comment, it means a lot! I will try to double check solution and fix my test if necessary.

    1. Awe yeah, I love sunshine over here. However I remember when I was in Australia last year, it was crazy hot, super dry air.

  10. I can’t believe I’m the first one commenting here. Your life seems to be amazing. I found myself in many situations like you. And yes, I never thought of travelling to Asia as well, but I liked it when I was there. Happy to know there is a Magento girl among us. Keep the good work.

    1. Thank you so much Peter! Where in Asia you are based? I am surprised you ended up on this old post, nice to see someone exploring my website πŸ™‚

  11. I was in the Philippines in January for a wedding, so while I am learning some new thing like the washing machine or no Amazon or eBay. Some stuff sounds familiar, it’s so true for the food, it’s hard to find vegetables by themselves, but then again, the food is so yummy! I must have got lucky with the toilets though, they always had toilet paper ahah!

    1. Haha, that’s true that in more fancier places or places where foreigners are visiting, they usually add toilet paper but again when you go to “normal” local places, you need to use water from the bucket or bidet πŸ™‚ When you think about it, it makes sense, it is actually more cleaner way of doing it, but again, it is odd for us who used to have toilet paper πŸ™‚

  12. I love this post! I drafted one about KL since I lived there for a year but didn’t publish it since I thought some of the things seem silly, but it was really fun reading the things that you like about the Philippines. πŸ™‚ That’s my home country btw.

    1. Awe, you definitely should publish this post. I would love to know more about KL, visited it once and had so much fun over there!

    1. Thank you for your comment! Of course, you are totally right and I believe there are probably many more places than only Tokyo πŸ™‚

  13. Hi Zaneta,

    I’ve checked this question “What kind of impact does developer mode have on the application? (select 2 answers)” there are two options to select but only one is able to select.

    I think there are two correct answer

    1) Symlinks are created into pub/static folder.
    2) Errors are shown on the frontend.

    but when we select second one it is displayed incorrect answer. I think this one is also correct answer.

    Thank you,

    1. Thank you so much for commenting. I will take a look and fix the quiz if needed. I really appreciate that you took time to help me to improve this test, thanks a lot!

    1. Exactly and it is super close to the airport, so it is great place for a night or two before exploring rest of Bali πŸ™‚

    1. Haha I don’t even stay in Kuta neither but it is good place when you have early morning or late night flight πŸ™‚

  14. This place looks incredible! Hoping to visit Bali ASAP so definitely bookmarking this one. Thanks for sharing!
    The Longest Weekend

  15. This place looks absolutely gorgeous! I’m going to have to remember this if I ever make my way to Bali! I love that the beds have curtains. That’s one of my favorite little extras for a hostel to have.

  16. Woah! What a cool experience and a detailed guide! I’m a personal fan of anywhere with hammocks, but it just seems like such a friendly and chill place to stay. I love that you played music with everyone – I could totally picture myself banging on some drums.

    1. You cannot imagine how friendly these people were. Perfect place for chill, a little bit music and family atmosphere.

  17. Your experience reminds me of something similar that happened to me in Greece, when the place I was supposed to stay was suddenly closed and I ended up in a tiny local place where the owners treated me like family. Sometimes the things that go wrong in our travels end up being the best experiences! It looks like you had an amazing time.

    1. Awe definitely! To be honest, I had to learn how to just go with flow and not being mad and upset when something is not going according my plan, but it was definitely worth it. Everything happens for a reason πŸ™‚

    1. Haha I totally understand you, after 2 years of living in the Philippines I am ready for everything hahah πŸ˜›

  18. Wow what an incredible experience! I love that the staff at Primitivo Art Village make you feel like friends and family during the stay – a truly personal experience!

  19. I wish I had gone here when I was in the Philippines. It reminds me of the cool hostel I stayed in El Nido called Spin. I need a trip back for sure!!! Looks so awesome.

  20. What a cool hostel! I love all the fun people you get to meet staying in hostels. It definitely makes it for a memorable trip. This looks like such a fun place too!

  21. Looks like such a cool spot! I was in Boracay 18 years ago and was sad to hear that it closed, but it looks like there are other very cool places nearby, like this one!

  22. The view is stunning! I loved my time in Coron, it sounded like you had a wonderful trip!! You’re making me miss the Philippines πŸ™‚

  23. I haven’t stayed in a hostel for ages but this looks super cute. I mean the views are unbelievable and the interior design is beautiful! wouldn’t mind staying there when I visit Coron!

  24. When did you guys travel there? I love the moody sky pictures. Also, the food looks so delicious! Will pin in case I travel to Philippines and need a place to stay!

    1. I think it was October or November, usually at this time the typhoon period is gone but that year we just got there during one of the typhoons. But we still had so much fun!

  25. The rooftop view is enough for me! I can see myself taking in the views in the mornings and evenings. The restaurant looks amazing too.

  26. Wow, the views look so stunning! It looks like an absolutely gorgeous place to visit, I seriously need to plan a trip. Love staying in hostels too, as you can save so much money and you always meet fascinating people πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you so much for taking time and commenting. It is always good to know that I create something useful for others.

  27. I can relate with this post so much! I have been living in Vietnam for 6 months and there is a MAJOR parallel between where you live and here. I also miss veggies, seeing lush green grass in parks, and a LOT of the other creature comforts.
    I also miss not having a soaking wet bathroom floor all the time. LOL!

    1. Awe yeah, I was living in Vietnam 3 months and they have much better Internet than in the Philippines πŸ™‚

  28. Great post. And I so feel you about the real bread thing, believe me. When I first relocated from Germany to UK, that was the one big thing I missed most. Nowadays it is a lot easier to get decent bread in London (thanks to various Polish Skleps and a few German and Nordic bakeries). And this was just relocating within Europe. I am sure moving to Asia is a completely different ball game.

    1. Haha yeah I was living in London 2 years and getting “real” bread wasn’t that easy, only toast bread which I really don’t like haha.

  29. Haha, great post! I have never been to the Philippines but I can relate to your list – I mostly miss nice (and affordable) red wine and all the cheese when I travel in SE Asia.

    1. Philippines are actually really similar to US culture comparing to another countries in SE Asia. However you can still get many surprises here haha.

  30. Love this list. As a vegetarian I would miss fresh bread and veggies too! I also hate tepid showers and would really miss HOT water too.

    1. My vegan friend who visited me basically hated food here haha. All veggies have some pork or so and she didn’t know what to eat anymore πŸ˜›

  31. Great post! I’ve never been to the Phillippines myself but my sister recently got back and she loved it! Maybe she will start missing some of these too!!

  32. I’ve not been to the Philippines yet but my husband has. He tells me stories of the traffic, I didn’t really believe it but reading your post, I do now! Can’t believe a ten minute journey can take up to 3 hrs!

    1. Awe yeah, traffic is definitely huge thing here and I didn’t believe it neither till I moved here πŸ™‚

    1. Do you mean add datas via checkout_index_index.xml? If so, based on my knowledge it is not possible in this particular case, but I would love to know more about your solution.

      1. Hello! Thanks for your article.
        Today i’ve tried it and yes – totals really displayed on first step.

        Totals in sidebar updating even without shipping-mixin.js when changing shipping method.
        But we have another trouble here – when we adding shipping-mixin.js we’re getting errors in console on Billing step (when checking/unchecking checkbox “My billing and shipping addresses are same”) – Cannot read property ‘getType’ of null in estimate-service.js;

        If we’re not using shipping-mixin.js – we have another problem – if you go to Billing step and reload page – you will not see any shipping information in sidebar (if you’ll go back to the Shipping step – method will not be selected).

        Do you know how to solve that? Thanks!

        1. Hi Rykiplov,

          I am sorry for late response but I am having pretty busy time. At this moment I cannot look at this problem, but I will check it out whenever I will have a bit of free time.

  33. Came to this through looking for some help creating modal in Magento 2 haha. Last week, I also celebrated my 28th birthday, and lots of such thoughts were going through my mind like some top moments of my life, lessons, what I’ve achieved and what more is coming. It is both exciting and nostalgia.

    Thanks for sharing your experiences, loved reading this nice piece and a lot to learn and aim for. Belated happy birthday, and best of luck for your future.

    1. Thank you for reading and commenting, it is so funny that you ended up here from tech tutorial haha. Happy birthday to you as well!

  34. The Philippines looks amazing! It’s been on my bucket list for so long and we actually planning a trip for July! I’m so excited. This place looks incredible – I would love to do the whole glamming thing

    1. That’s awesome! Just be careful with planning trip to the Philippines on July, the rainy season starts!

  35. Living in Australia, I don’t get as excited about beach holidays as my friends from the northern hemisphere do. But glamping on a beach in the Philippines sounds like a lot of fun!

    1. Awe I love Australia, I remember times when I really wanted to move there πŸ™‚ And yeah, I got your point about beach holidays, I wish I could say the same. Coming from cold Poland so all beach holidays are wow for me haha.

    1. Hahaha we were watching documentary about Fyre Festival, did it actually happen one more time after first failure?

  36. I have done lots of camping before but never something so glam…The Philippines is high on my bucket list and this is an amazing laid back way of enjoying the country. Sounds fun.

    1. Yes, it was my first glamping and I didn’t even know something like this exists. It was so much fun, and yeah, Philippines are amazing!

    1. Haha definitely. I have bad habit to buy so many hammocks when I travel around the Philippines!

  37. Wow looks like a great experience..I have always thought about trying this..not sure if I will have gutts to jump..thanks for sharing .I am sure I will go for it once in lifetime

    1. It is definitely big decision to make. The whole process is so stressful but for adrenaline freaks like myself, it is worth it haha.

  38. Wow, I can only imagine how pretty Seville must have been from up in the air! I’ve been dreaming about visiting this place forever πŸ˜€

  39. You are AWESOME!! I definitely couldn’t ever skydive, so it’s fantastic to read your experiences of it – maybe I could be tempted one day! πŸ˜‰ Keep crushing those life goals!

  40. Oh wow, it never even occurred to me you could solo skydive your first time! I don’t think I’m brave enough for skydiving generally, but this does look so cool – and such an unusual addition to a trip to Seville!

    1. I didn’t know about it neither. I was like whaaaat, you want me to skydiving first time alone haha? It was one of the best experiences in my life, definitely!

  41. I love skydiving (I’ve only been once, but can’t wait to do it again). Sevilla looks like a good place to do it, and it is already a place I’m hoping to visit so I might just have to add this to my list!

  42. Thanks for your kind explanation
    I have one question. How can I add popup content?
    Now your example only show popup close button.
    I want to add some text or image in popup modal
    Im looking forward to talk to you soon.


    1. getChildHtml(‘popup-content’) ?> it is where I call static block with the content. My static block has id ‘popup-content’. I hope it helps.

  43. Hi,

    Do you have the files of a working module? I have tried to create a module following basic guidelines for creating a module and I cannot get anything to work.


    1. Hi,

      Unfortunately I don’t have them now. I am on the moving stage so I cannot help at the moment.
      If you will still need them in a few days, then I am happy to find them and send it to you πŸ™‚


      1. Hi Zaneta,

        Thanks so much for responding!

        I am trying to add a dropdown of addresses and a couple of input fields that area available when the user selects a particular shipping method. This way they can choose an address for the shipper and enter a building and unit number. I also need that information pass through to the order. Ideally I’d like to have the addresses set in the admin but one thing at a time. I have been working on it for a few days and thought what you had may help me solve my problem. So far I haven’t been able to get it to work. If you have the files and time that would be great. I am just stuck at the moment.

        Thanks again!

      2. CzeΕ›Δ‡, czy ja teΕΌ mΓ³gΕ‚bym prosiΔ‡ o przesΕ‚anie? prΓ³bujΔ™, ale coΕ› nie wychodzi…

        Pozdrawiam Serdecznie

  44. Hi Zaneta,
    I am a magento beginner. It feels great to read your article and it is very helpful to me. According to your article, I tried to write a module about modal: Click the PLP product add to cart button to pop up the modal box before adding to cart. My method didn’t stop the add to cart action. This problem has been bothering me and I don’t know how to fix it. could you help me?

    1. Hi, thanks for commenting! Unfortunately, I don’t provide macros since I believe we use different products, from different countries, so I don’t want to mislead people. I hope you understand.

  45. Hello!

    Your article is really good but I am also facing the same problem as described by @Rykiplov.

    Getting errors in console on Billing step (when checking/unchecking checkbox β€œMy billing and shipping addresses are same”) – Cannot read property β€˜getType’ of null in estimate-service.js;

    Any solution for this problem?


    1. Hi Vishal,

      Unfortunately I didn’t have time to check it out yet. I will try my best to check on it soon but I also hope other readers can help us.

  46. Whats is thecorrect answer in this question ?
    While searching through checkout_index_index.xml file, you have found following code:

    1. I was living in Vietnam 3 months and working with Vietnamese developers, good memories πŸ™‚ Unfortunately I don’t have this code on the github.

  47. hi and thank you so much for this tutorial ! it is very helpful. if i want to use magento modal i dont need to insert note.phtml file?

  48. As is came across this post looking for an answer on the above question I decided to investigate it myself.

    Unfortunately, you can’t use the Magento_Checkout/js/model/cart/estimate-service because this is used for the cart totals where the info is updated immediately. In the checkout, the information is updated after the call of the Magento_Checkout/js/action/set-shipping-information method. Therefor we need to subscribe on the shippingMethod on the quote and call this method. If you would like to make use on the checkout fields check, you can move your mixin to the Magento_Checkout/js/view/shipping:


    var config = {
    config: {
    mixins: {
    ‘Magento_Checkout/js/view/summary/abstract-total’: {
    ‘VENDOR_MODULE/js/view/summary/abstract-total-mixin’: true
    ‘Magento_Checkout/js/view/shipping’: {
    ‘VENDOR_MODULE/js/view/shipping-mixin’: true


    ], function (
    ) {
    ‘use strict’;

    return function (Component) {
    var currentMethod;

    return Component.extend({
    initialize: function() {

    quote.shippingMethod.subscribe(function (method) {
    if (currentMethod !== method) {
    currentMethod = method

    After this, your shipping information is updated, and the errors are gone. You have one extra API call after selecting the shipping method.