Hostel Recommendation When Travelling to Kuta – Lokal Bali Hostel

Hostel Recommendation While Travelling to Kuta – Lokal Bali Hostel Dreams

Twice. I had been there twice already. The first time was in October 2017 with my best friend from the UK, a female only kind of trip. August 2018 was my second time, with my boyfriend. I love this hostel so much, to the point that I am planning to go back over there again. There is such a nice and friendly atmosphere in this place.

Where to stay while travelling to Kuta?

At the beginning of August, I messaged the hostel via Facebook Lokal Bali Hostel to book a place for me and my boyfriend. We got a room and even got a small discount! Let me give you a sneak peak into the amazing atmosphere of Lokal Bali Hostel.

Lokal Bali Hostel Location

The hostel is located at Jalan Kediri No 93 Kuta Tuban, 80361 Kuta, which is like a 15 minute walk from the airport. I have a feeling that it is difficult to find, especially during the night. I remember the first time, I landed at 11:30pm and was walking in the darkness alone, without the Internet trying to find the place. It was kind of hard, to the point that I started panicking where I will stay that night. You just need to go a little bit further than the Google map shows.

If you are coming from the airport, you will be “attacked” by taxi drivers asking you if you want a ride. No need, you just have a couple of minutes walk in safe Bali. As the hostel is located next to the airport, I highly recommend it for the beginning of your trip or for the end.

Lokal Bali Hostel Costs

Last year I stayed in dorms, this year instead, we stayed in a private room, in both cases only one night. As you can see, I have experiences from both perspectives. This year we got the following prices:  IDR 155.000 per person per night for the dorms and a private room was IDR 350.000 per night. Last year, I booked it via Airbnb Lokal Bali Hostel IDR 232,756 per person per night for the dorms. The prices didn’t include breakfast but they include free coffee and tea.

Hostel Recommendation While Travelling to Kuta – Lokal Bali Hostel Price

Lokal Bali Hostel Room Conditions

The conditions of the beds are amazing, each one has a curtain which is great because it gives you some privacy. You will get towels and lockers, but remember your padlock. Each of the beds have a socket next to it which is super convenient. The bathrooms are per room and they have shower gel and shampoo. The private room has its own bathroom and TV. You will also find one communal shower and one communal toilet, in case you have already checked out but want to re-fresh.

Lokal Bali Hostel Restaurant

The hostel has a really nice kitchen where you can prepare your own meals, but it also has a nice international menu. It is a little bit expensive and I love to eat at street food places, so I didn’t try the hostel’s meals. If you are on budget, just go out onto the street and 1 min away there are a couple of street food places, I love them so much.

Hostel Recommendation While Travelling to Kuta – Lokal Bali Hostel The Best

Lokal Bali Hostel Place

The place is literally amazing. Big nice communal space with a TV and dining space with a huge table. Small swimming pool and cosy pillows. There is also a little hut kind of thing to chill in during the evenings. The hostel has a really nice design and you can also find a computer to use if needed. The Internet is pretty good so I would recommend it for remote work.

Lokal Bali Hostel Attractions

The hostel has a real family atmosphere, it is like a community. People come back all the time. You will see people checking in saying hi to the staff. This hostel is their place to start and finish the trip. As the place is really close to the airport, you can easily assume that a lot of travellers will stay there over night or two. It is a great place to meet people, work with a good Internet connection or just chill at the swimming pool. A typical relaxing place, perfect for a remote job.

The hostel will also organise for you the Grab service if you are going to Ubud. Ask at the reception as it will be much easier than booking via your international Grab account.

With the hostel, you can also book additional trips. However, I didn’t use it, so I cannot share more details with you.

Where to find and book this hostel?

Check out Lokal Bali Hostel via Hostelworld, Lokal Bali Hostel via, Lokal Bali Hostel Website and Lokal Bali Hostel Airbnb.

You can also call

Telephone +62 361 4753707 or +62 819 03338388

or send an email


Check them out also on Facebook Lokal Bali Hostel.


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    1. Exactly and it is super close to the airport, so it is great place for a night or two before exploring rest of Bali 🙂

    1. Haha I don’t even stay in Kuta neither but it is good place when you have early morning or late night flight 🙂

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